My Cockatiel Training Squadron

This page is for my true flying friends

B1-RDs Live at the FARRP - web cam

Leaving The Nest

bwheat  11.9k Alfalfa  12.8k







Darla  11.4k





Their Baby pictures
Three newbies just starting basic training
Four baby birds #1
Four baby birds #2
Four baby birds #3
Four baby birds #4
Four baby birds #5
Four baby birds #6

Jackie019 Apollo022

Guarding the nest from unwelcome guest - namely Apollo

Sunny #002, 12.7kb

This is Sunny Delight.
She is the founder of our squadron and is presently Head of Production and Development.
She is also the Chief Pilot.

Sunny Delight's Photo Gallery

Jackie (08/03/98) 16.7kb

This is Jackie, aka Jack-Attack or Jack The Ripper.
He is the Head of Manufacturing, Maintenance Chief and Instructor Pilot.

Jackie's Photo Gallery

Skittle, 21.4k

This is Skittle, one of our senior pilots.

Ernie, 21.8k

This is Ernie, another senior pilot.

Apollo (08/03/98) 17kb

Apollo's flight training is temporary suspended. It will resume when his new tailboom comes in.
This is a prime example of cockatiel, teenage tail-bashing syndrom.

Apollo Picture Gallery

Group Foto #1  (11956 bytes)

Group Photo

Pictures of our recent graduates. They have now PCS to new air cavalry troops.

WO1 Amy received her wings on 05 Sep 1998
WO1 Heckle received his wings on 19 July 1998
WO1 Jeckle received her wings on 19 July 1998

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