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Image: Two AH-1Gs flying in formation

U.S. Army AH-1Gs

Vietnam — Two AH-1Gs flying over Vietnam. CW3 Llewellyn Buck, an instructor pilot at WAATS, was one of the pilots in the photo. He informed me that it was taken between May 1969 and May 1970.

The red and white cav flag within the yellow triangle (hard to distinguish in this photo) indicates the aircraft was assigned to 7th Squadron, 1st Air Cavalry Regiment.

The shark teeth on the front of the aircraft further distinguish these aircraft as being assigned to Troop C, 7-1st Air Cav. Troop A and B did not have this style of teeth on their aircraft.

CW3 Llewellyn Buck (aka Comanche 39) was assigned to Troop C, 7-1 Air Cav, between 26 May 1969 and 25 May 1970.


Thanks Lew for the information

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