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Image: Two U.S.M.C. AH-1W Super Cobra Helicopters

Two U.S.M.C. AH-1W Super Cobra Helicopters

Okinawa, Japan, 01 September 2000 — Two AH-1W Super Cobra helicopters from Marine Medium Light Attack Helicopter Squadron-367 make history as they proceed along the coastline of Okinawa, Japan, to complete 40,000 mishap-free flight hours September 1.
"Scarface," as the unit is called, is based at Camp Pendleton, California, and is on Okinawa for a six-month deployment as part of the Unit Deployment Program. The program allows units based in the United States to rotate through Okinawa to further their training here and with other nations in the region.

Official U.S. Marine photo taken by Staff Sgt. Jason M. Webb.

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