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Red Line Marine Corps News
Story Date: 21 January 2006
Author: Cpl. Will Lathrop
Unit: 31st MEU Red Line

31st MEU ACE ‘bounces’ off Essex

USS Essex (LHD 2) — Pilots and crew chiefs with Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 262 (Reinforced), the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit’s aviation combat element, conducted deck landing qualifications aboard the USS Essex (LHD 2).

The deck landing qualifications are part of the normal training cycle in order to qualify and maintain the qualification of air crews and their ability to land aboard a ship at sea. The qualification entails aircraft taking off from the flight deck, flying around the ship and landing again for a short time before taking to the air again, or bouncing.

There were two AH-1W Super Cobras, one UH-1N Huey, one CH-53E Sea Stallion and two AV-8B Harriers participating in the training.

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