Drawing: Cobra Drawing: Cobra

Cyclic Grip

Drawing: AH-1 Cobra Cyclic Grip

Name Description
Cyclic Grip Is made of a hard plastic that house buttons and switches. The cyclic grip used for the pilot and gunner is the same.
SCAS release button Pressing this button disengages the SCAS system.
Wing armament fire button Pressing this button fires the wing stores (i.e. rockets or the M18 or M18A1)
Action switch Energizes the turret
Trigger switch Fires the weapon in the turret
Guard A spring loaded metal strip to prevent accidentally engaging the turret and/or weapons
Force trim Interrupts power to the magnetic brakes of the force trim system.
Radio-ICS A three position switch which is used to transmit a message via radio or transmit a message via the InterCom System.
LTS Switch Not sure if this Lights switch is used. The purpose of this switch was to choose between normal lighting or Night Vision Goggle lighting 

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Updated: 12 January 2008
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