Drawing: Cobra Drawing: Cobra

Jettison Panel

Drawing: Gunner Jettison Panel The wing store jettison switch is a guarded switch. Lifting the guard and activating the switch will jettison the weapons from the inboard, outboard or all four of the wing ejector racks. The switch is powered and protected by a toggle CB located with AC circuit breakers beneath the pilot collective control stick.
The jettison select switch is a three position switch. Selective control of which wing stores weapons to be jettison is controlled by this switch.
The emergency hydraulic system serves two functions. It provides hydraulic power to the turret (P) and outboard pylons for boresighting, or to the collective pitch control if both hydraulic systems fail. The system is controlled by the EMER HYDR PUMP switches powered by the dc essential bus and protected by the EMER HYD PUMP circuit breaker.

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Updated: 12 January 2008
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