Drawing: Cobra Drawing: Cobra

AH-1F Cobra Rotor Tachometer

Drawing:  Rotor Tachometer

Dual Tachometers

The pilot and gunner tachometers display the RPM of the engine and main rotor speed in percent. The tachometer outer scale is marked ENGINE and the inner scale is marked ROTOR. The ENGINE and ROTOR needles are synchronized during normal helicopter operation. The circuit is powered by the dc essential bus and protected by the DUAL TACH circuit breaker.

Rotor Tachometer
redsawup.gif (865 bytes) 91 Percent RPM Minimum
grnmark.jpg (662 bytes) 91 to 105 Percent RPM Continuous Operation
redsawdn.gif (866 bytes) 105 Percent RPM Maximum
Engine Tachometer (N2)
ylwmark.jpg (663 bytes) 91 to 97 Percent RPM Transient
grnmark.jpg (662 bytes) 97 to 101.5 Percent RPM Continuous Operation
redsawdn.gif (866 bytes) 101.5 thru 104.5 percent RPM Maximum Transient with TGT above 750°C (10 seconds)

104.5 Percent RPM Maximum

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