Drawing: Cobra Drawing: Cobra

Directional Finder Set AN/ARN-89

Drawing: Directional Finder Set

Control / Indicator Function
1. TUNE indicator Up deflection of the needle indicates most accurate tuning of the receiver,
2. CW VOICE TEST switch


Provides tone that may be used for identification, tuning or CW station.


Permits normal aural reception.


Rotates ADF bearing pointer to provide a check of pointer accuracy with function selector in the COMP position, inoperative in LOOP and ANT position. The switch is spring loaded away from TEST position.
3. Frequency selectors

Left (course tune)

Selects first two digits of desired frequency.

Right (fine tune)

Selects third and fourth digits of desired frequency.
4. LOOP control Manual positioning of loop antenna when ADF is operating in manual direction finding mode.
5. Function selector


Power off.


ADF operation as an automatic direction finder.


Receiver provides aural information only.


ADF operation as a manual direction finder using the loop antenna only.
6. AUDIO control Adjusts receiver volume.

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Updated: 12 January 2008
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