Drawing: Cobra Drawing: Cobra

Attitude Direction Indicator

Drawing: Attitude Direction Indicator

1. Sphere Indicates position of horizon relative to the helicopter. Figure above shows level pitch, 10 degrees right bank.
2. Attitude gyro flag Indicates loss of vertical gyro power or ADI malfunction.
3. Vertical deviation (GS) Indicates helicopters position relative to glideslope centerline (ILS, FM homing).
4. Glideslope flag Indicates loss of or unreliable radio signal (ILS, FM homing).
5. Pitch trim Adjust artificial horizon up (climb) or down (dive).
6. Inclinometer Indicates helicopter trim
7. Rate of Turn One needle width (4 minute turn): two needle widths (2 minute turns).
8. Roll Trim Adjust artificial horizon right or left.
9. Horizontal Deviation Indicate helicopter deviation from desired VOR, LOC, or FM course or track. If doppler installed will show deviation from desired doppler course.
10. Flight Director Flag Not used
11. Horizontal Reference Indicates helicopter position relative to artificial horizon.
12. Not Used

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Updated: 12 January 2008
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