Drawing: Cobra Drawing: Cobra

Environmental Control System (ECS)

Drawing: Enviromental Control System

Drawing: Vent Knob
Pilot's Instrument Panel
(Lower Right)


Switch/Control Position Function
COOL/WARM COOL to WARM Controls temperature (35F-180F) in the crew compartment when the ECU / RAIN RMV switch is in the ECU position.
ECU/RAIN RMV RAIN RMV Removes rain from canopy. Only ambient air ventilation enters the crew compartment.

May be used to defrost, defog, or deice the forward area of the canopy.

ECU Heats or cools the crew compartment.
OFF Ambient air ventilation enters the crew compartment.
PITOT/ADS HTR PITOT / ADS HTR Energize Pitot / ADS heater (115 VAC)
OFF De-energerize Pitot / ADS heater (115 VAC)



OUT Directs maximum air to the defrost slots, air vents, and pilot / gunner seat cushions.
IN Directs maximum air to the pilot seat cushion.
Air Vent Open/Closed Controls the volume/direction of air to the crew compartment.
Defrost Slot Lever Aft (Open) / Forward (closed) Controls the volume of air directed to the inner surfaces of the canopy for defogging, defrosting, and deicing.

ECS Functions

  1. Heats/cools the crew compartment.
  2. Removes moisture from the air supplied to the crew compartment.
  3. Defrosts, defogs, and deices the canopy.
  4. rain removal.
  5. Provides ambient air ventilation to the crew compartment.

ECS Power Source: The ECS is electrically controlled and engine bleed air powered. The circuit is powered by the dc nonessential bus and protected by the ECS CONTR circuit breaker.

ECS Controls:

  1. The pilot ECS controls and their functions are shown in the table above.
  2. Adjustable air vents are provided for the pilot and gunner to control the volume and direction of the air entering the crew compartment.
  3. Air entering the pilot and gunner seat cushions is controlled by a valve at the top of each seat.
  4. The rain removal does not remove rain in flight.

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