Drawing: Cobra Drawing: Cobra

Pilot Electric Power Panel

Drawing: Electrical Panel

The BATTERY switch START or RUN position permits the battery to supply dc power to the power distribution system or permits the battery to be charged by the starter/generator. The RUN position also activates the inverter. The OFF position isolates the battery and inverter from the systems.

The GEN switch ON position permits the starter-generator to supply dc power to the primary bus. The RESET position will reset the starter-generator. When the switch is released, it will return to OFF. The OFF position isolates the generator from the system and allows the starter-generator to function as a starter. The circuit is protected by the GEN BUS RESET and GEN FIELD circuit breakers.

The ALTNR switch energizes the alternator to supply power to the ac bus and transformer rectifier unit (TRU) when in ON position. It deactivates and/or resets the alternator when in the OFF RESET position. Any time the alternator is inoperative or the ALTNR switch is in OFF RESET position, the inverter supplies ac power.

The NONESNTL BUS switch NORMAL position permits the nonessential bus to receive dc power from the starter-generator or TRU. The MANUAL position permits the nonessential bus to receive battery power.

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