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Voice Security Equipment

Drawing: KY-28 Control Head
TSEC / KY-28

Control / Indicator Function
1.  POWER ON Switch Two Position Circuit Breaker  Connects power to the associated TSEC/KY-28 cipher equipment in the ON (forward position, and disconnects power from the equipment in the OFF (aft) position.


Switch must be in the ON (forward) position for operation in the PLAIN or CIPHER mode

2. POWER ON Amber Indicator (With Dimmer Switch) Lights when the associated POWER ON switch is placed in the ON (forward) position.
3. PLAIN CIPHER Switch (Two Position Locking Toggle) In the Plain position, permits normal (unciphered) communications on the associated FM radio set. In the CIPHER position, permits ciphered communications on the associated radio set.
4.  PLAIN (Red) Indicator (with Dimmer Switch) Lights when the associated PLAIN-CIPHER switch is in the PLAIN position.
5. CIPHER (Green) Indicator (with Dimmer Switch) Lights when the associated PLAIN CIPHER switch is in the CIPHER position.
6. RE-X-REG Switch (Two-Position Locking Toggle) In the RE-X position, permits ciphered communications through a retransmission unit (at a distant location). In the REG position, permits normal ciphered communications or clear text.
7. ZEROIZE Switch (Two-Position  Locking Toggle, Under Spring Loaded Cover) Normally in OFF (aft) position. Placed in ON (forward) position during emergency situations to neutralize and make inoperative the associated TSEC/KY-28 cipher equipment. Do not place the ZEROIZE switch in the ON (forward) position unless a crash or capture is imminent.
8. Panel Lights Illuminate the control indicator (controlled by aircraft panel lights).

The TSEC/KY-28 voice security equipment is used with the VHF/FM radio set to provide secure two-way communications. The equipment is controlled by the control indicator mounted near the rear of the pilot right console.

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