Drawing: Cobra Drawing: Cobra

Light Control Panel

Drawing: Light Control Panel

General: The panel is illuminated by built-in lights. The lights are powered by the dc essential bus and protected by the PLT INST LT circuit breaker.

Night Vision Feature. Two switches are provided in the pilot station to activate the night vision feature. The NVG ENBL / OFF switch is a two-position type. The OFF position de-activates the night vision feature. In the NVG ENBL position, the switch is magnetically held to provide power to the cyclic LTS switch. The LTS switch is a two-position type. The NORM position allows normal light operation. The NVG position activates the night vision feature of the system. When the night vision feature is activated, all interior lighting (except cockpit map and SCAS lights) is dimmed to be compatible with night vision goggles.

Operation: The pilot rheostat knobs OFF position deactivates the lights. The between OFF and BRT position controls the brightness of the instruments, avionics, and control panel lights as follows:

  1. Console — ROCKETS control panel, ARMT control panel, COMM CONT panel, miscellaneous control panel, FM radio VHF AM radio, horizontal situation indicator (HSI) control panel, caution panel, left and right console, light rheostat control panel, APR 39 radar warning, and collective control head. The MASTER CAUTION, RPM and OVERTORQUE lights will dim when the CAUTION panel BRIGHT / DIM switch is in DIM and the CONSOLE rheostat is on.

  2. Engine — Fuel quantity, engine temperature / pressure, transmission temperature / pressure, dual tachometer, TGT, volt / ammeter, N1, and torque.

  3. Flight — Airspeed indicator, attitude indicator, HSI, vertical speed indicator (VSI), pressure altimeter, radar altimeter, radar light control panel, and clock.

  4. Tactical — Torque, HUD, attitude indicator, HSI, radar altimeter, radar light control panel, and clock.

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Updated: 12 January 2008
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