Drawing: Cobra Drawing: Cobra

Pilot Caution Panel

Drawing: Pilot Caution Panel

Caution Panel Wording Fault Conditions
ENG OIL PRESS Engine oil pressure below operating minimum (25 psi).
TRANS OIL PRESS Transmission oil pressure is below minimum (below 30 psi).
ENG OIL BYPASS Engine oil bypass switch OFF-


Oil system level down 3.8 quarts from full.
Engine oil bypass switch AUTO -


Oil system level down 3.8 quarts from full and bypassing cooler.
TRANS OIL COOLER Transmission oil bypassing oil cooler.
TRANS OIL HOT Transmission oil temperature is at or above red line
ENG FUEL PUMP One side and/or both sides of engine fuel pump producing low pressure.
ENG CHIP Metal particles in engine.
42° CHIP Metal particles in 42 degree gearbox.
90° CHIP Metal particles in 90 degree gearbox.
TRANS CHIP Metal particles in transmission.
FWD FUEL BOOST Forward fuel boost pump pressure low (below 5 psi).
FUEL FILTER Fuel filter is partially obstructed.
FUEL LOW Low fuel quantity.
AFT FUEL BOOST Aft fuel boost pump pressure low (below 5 psi).
DC GEN DC generator has failed or GEN switch is OFF.
RECT Transformer rectifier unit has failed or alternator is not supplying power.
ALTER Alternator has failed. ALTNR switch is OFF, or ROTOR RPM is below 91%.
GOV EMERG Governor switch in emergency position.
EXT PWR External power receptacle door open.
IFF CODE HOLD Code hold switch in the hold position.
IFF CAUTION IFF system inoperative.
#1 HYD PRESS System 1 hydraulic pressure is low.
EMERG HYD PUMP ON Emergency hydraulic pump is operating.
GUN ELEV STOWED Turret weapon is in stowed position.
#2 HYD PRESS System 2 hydraulic pressure is low.

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