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Radar Altimeter

Drawing: Radar Altimeter Indicator

The radar altimeter AN/APN-209 is a short pulse, terrain tracking and altitude sensing radar system that measures and visually indicates by pointer and digital display actual clearance in feet between the helicopter and terrain over a range from zero to 1500 feet. The indicator contains all the electronic components necessary for the generation, reception, and tracking of the radar pulses. The indicator provides precise altitude indications with a manually set low-level and high-level warning flag to warn when a predetermined low or high altitude limit has been reached.

Control/Indicator Function
1. LO SET control knob Turns facility on and off, and sets low limits index.
2. LO level warning flag Indicates LO when altitude pointer indicates below low limit index.
3. Low limit index. Indicates low altitude limit index setting. Actuates LO level warning flag when limit reached.
4. HI level warning flag Indicates HI when altitude pointer indicates above high limit index.
5. High limit index Indicates high altitude limit index. Actuates HI level warning flag when limit reached.
6. Altitude pointer Indicates actual altitude in feet from helicopter to terrain (zero to 1500 feet).
7. HI SET control knob Sets high altitude limit index and actuates self-test mode.

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Updated: 12 January 2008
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