Drawing: Cobra Drawing: Cobra

Rocket Management System Display Unit

Drawing: Rocket Management System

Selector Function
(Warhead / Fuze / Type)
Indicatory  / Selectors
CHF Chaff warhead (countermeasures).
MPS Multi-purpose submunition/resistance capacitance.
SMK Smoke screen/resistance capacitance.
ILM Illumination/resistance capacitance.
FLC Flechette — submunition/resistance capacitance.
H17 17 pound, high explosive, point detonating or proximity.
WP White phosphorous/point detonating.
HDP High explosive/dual purpose.
HRC High explosive/ resistance capacitance.
HPX High explosive/proximity.
HPD High explosive/point detonating.
Blank Special purpose, i.e. inert, target XM — marker, guided rocket, future E.W. countermeasure.
2. TEST Switch Tests digital display segment and indicator lamps (RND REM), and subsystem (including helicopter wiring) from end to end (excluding firing circuits).
(Zone Arming) Indicator/Switches
Pressing appropriate ZONE ARM switch arms selected zone. When any one zone is selected (armed) all other zones with identical rounds are automatically armed and visually indicated by appropriate ZONE ARM switch(es). Any round selected by pressing a ZONE ARM switch, which is different (different zone) will automatically de-arm previously selected zone(s).
4. PEN-M
(Penetration in Meters)  Indicator/Selector
Permits pilot to select tree height range detonation (in five meter increments), superquick detonation or bunker penetration detonation.
45 Canopy height in meters. Enables round to penetrate canopy of forest or building and detonate at more effective point
BNK Bunker penetration — to defeat bunkers (logs and dirt) up to 3 meters thick.
SQ Superquick — detonates when fuze makes contact with any object.
F FAST, fires rockets at 60 plus or minus 6 milliseconds intervals.
S Slow, fires rockets at 180 plus or minus 18 millisecond intervals.
A Automatic, enables system to set firing interval from predetermined rates that would be programmed for each type of rocket / fuze combination that is available for selection.
Indicator / Selector
QAD Quad fire of four rounds, one round from each launcher with inboard rounds leading outboard rounds by 30 milliseconds.
PRS Pair firing of two rounds, one from each side of helicopter from zone that has been armed.
SNG Single fire of one round, alternating from side to side of helicopter.
7.  QTY
(Quantity) Indicator / Selector
Selects quantity of rockets to be fired and are a multiple of the MODE indicator / selector setting.
ALL Sustained or continuous fire of all rounds selected.
8 8 x MODE setting of rounds selected.
4 4 x MODE setting of rounds selected.
2 2 x MODE setting of rounds selected.
1 1 x MODE setting of rounds selected.
8. RNG-km
(Range in kilometers)
Indicator / Selector
Selects range to target from 500 to 6000 meters in 100 meter increments for rocket ballistics solution when A is not selected.

Left Indicator / Selector 

Numerals Selects 1000 meter position.
A Allows range from laser ranger finder to be used by FCC for ballistics solution and time of function data to be accepted by RMS from FCC.
Right Indicator / Selector
Numerals Selects 100 meter position. Any ranges selected less than 500 meters (0.5) will only provide 500 meter range settings.
(Rounds Remaining Indicators) 
Indicates functional rounds remaining in inventory by zone location.

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