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Collective hub and sleeve assembly: Activated by collective movement to cause change in pitch movement of rotor blades. Changes linear collective to rotating collective.

Collective hub andsleeve assembly

Collective sleeve:

  1. Operates vertically between the swashplate support and the mast.
  2. Activated by the collective levers at its lower end.
  3. Nonrotating.

Collective hub:

  1. Mounted by bearings to the top of the sleeve.
  2. Hub extension master splined to mast. Rotates with mast.
  3. Moves vertically with collective sleeve.
  4. Transmits collective movement to the scissor levers.

Scissor levers (mixing levers):

  1. Attached at the upper end to the drive links, which in turn drive the drive links.
  2. Attached to the lower universal joint of the pitch change tubes, which transmits linear control movement to the trailing edge of the blade grips.
  3. Mixes cyclic and control input.
  4. Pivots on and rotates with collective hub.

Drive links:

  1. Attached between scissor lever and swashplate outer ring.
  2. Drives the swashplate outer ring.
  3. Transmits cyclic control inputs to scissor levers.

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