Drawing: Cobra Drawing: Cobra

Swashplate assembly: Purpose — To change cyclic control movements from linear control movement into rotating control movement.

Drawing: Swashplate assembly

  1. Swashplate support:
  2. Open cylinder encircling the mast.
  3. Top portion is uniball for swashplate.
  4. Supports inner ring of swashplate.
  5. Slots in lower sides for collective lever bearings.

Swashplate inner ring:

  1. Tilts on uniball when activated by cyclic control rods connected on two clevis-type horns at the forward sides of the inner ring.
  2. Clamped on the uniball by upper and lower sets of contoured teflon bearings.
  3. Held from rotating, but allowed to tilt, by a pin-type horn at the rear connected to an anti-drive link.

Swashplate outer ring:

  1. Tilts with the inner ring but rotates with the mast.
  2. Mounts on the inner ring through a duplex bearing.

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