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Pilot Station

DC Circuit Breaker Panel AC Circuit Breaker Panel Drawing: Pilot Station Image Hotmap

This is an image hot map (41 hotspots) of the AH-1 pilot's (backseat) instrument panel. By clicking on one of the instruments you will be given a more detail explanation.

AC Circuit Breaker Panel Airspeed Indicator
Air Vents Air Vent Knob
Anti-collision light Arming / Firing Initiator
Attitude Direction Indicator (ADI) Collective Control
Compass Control Panel C-6347 Cyclic Control Grip
DC Circuit Breaker Panel
Directional Finder Set AN/ARN-89 Environmental Control System
Electric Power Panel Engine Control Panel
AH-1 Cobra Gauges Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI)
HSI Display Control Panel Head Up Display (HUD)
Interphone Control Panel  KY-28
Light Control Panel Low Airspeed Indicator
Master Arm Panel Miscellaneous Control Panel
Pilot Caution Panel Position Lights
Rocket Management System Rotor Tachometer
Radar Warning Set APR-39 Radar Altimeter
Recoil Compensation Switch SCAS Control Panel
Torquemeter Gauge Transponder Set (AN/APX-100) Control Panel
UHF Radio VOR / LOC / GS / MB Control Panel

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Updated: 12 January 2008
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